What was the time frame for your LIMS deployment?

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Posted by Rachel Watsky (Discussions: 3, Comments: 0)
Replied on November 26, 2018 12:41 pm
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Hi Rachel,

I saw your recent post and though I would reach out with information pertaining to our core facility management and LIMS solution: FBS – Facility Billing System. FBS – Facility Billing System is also a fully web-based system which integrates with central finance and your other existing systems to automate your lab, core facility management, and LIMS needs (everything from sample prep through email notifications, via our new addon module); allowing your facilities to provide paperless, automated, and timely chargeback recovery and much more.

FBS Webpage

FBS Data Sheet

2018 FBS Pricing:
$2,006 / Year / Facility
Discounted Institutional Site Licensing Also Available

After viewing a free online FBS demo we can also provide you with a no-cost Cloud “sandbox” where you can use/play with FBS. Your team will be able to upload your own data, work with us to customize the look and feel / workflow and use it just like the server was sitting in your office. After the test period should you decide to implement FBS for production use you can continue to use the Amazon server (hosting fees apply) or we will simply copy the database to your server.

If there is anything more I can do / provide, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Dana Smith
Global Sales Manager
Priority Software, Inc.
9006 4th Ave. South
Birmingham, Al 35206
(205) 202-8400 X 66

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Posted by Dana Smith (Discussions: 0, Comments: 4)
Replied on November 26, 2018 1:07 pm
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Hi Dana, your response does not address the question posed by Rachel. I am hesitant to delete without finding out how you think it does address the original question. It is very important to respect member questions and provide meaningful answer rather than an opportunity to promote something.

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Posted by John Jones (Discussions: 368, Comments: 3052)
Replied on November 26, 2018 4:06 pm

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out. As a software vendor it is difficult for me to guess how long it may take an institution to implement our FBS solution as there are many factors to take into consideration and each of our client institutions vary (based on size, complexity, data availability, etc.). What I can tell you is that we recently deployed FBS across a major university on the west coast. In this case it was fairly complex as we were converting their users from another solution to FBS. We were able to fully implement and configure FBS for their 50+ labs and core facilities in approximately 3 months. I hope this answers the question as poised.

(Dana Smith at November 26, 2018 4:35 pm)
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I have experience both as former labmanager and as a consultant (I also have now my own LIMS ODOO LIMS))

With Unilab, it took us 2 years but we spent too much time on analysis and thus, we were not focused on what was essential and nice to have

As a consultant for labs, I would say that what I see is between one and two years. I did it in four months with Odoo but I would say that this is really short, putting pressure on the lab and on the provider.

I woul say that if the complexity is not too high (what is the scope of the lab), one year shoul be a target

You musdt keep in mind that you must focus on what is necessary to start and what the solution can afford in next steps

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Posted by Vincent Laurent (Discussions: 1, Comments: 13)
Replied on November 27, 2018 1:37 pm
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I agree with the previous estimates, anywhere from 6 months to 4 years. It all depends on a lot of variables. How well is the process defined, or do you need to spend time to define the process and requirements. Does the system need to be validated? That can add significant time. How big is the scope? How experienced and available are the internal resources? Lack of either usually means hiring consultants. Does the system need to interface to other systems? Do you need to migrate any data (preferred answer to this is “No”, data migrations can be the biggest addition of time, preferable to leave data in existing system or data warehouse).

In my experience a LIMS implementation is never really finished, there are upgrades, new reports, new workflows, new instruments etc.

Also, in your list of LIMS systems you included Chromeleon, which is a chromatography data management system (CDS), not a LIMS.

Hope that helps,

Shirlee Hart
SMHart Systems

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Posted by Shirlee Hart (Discussions: 0, Comments: 1)
Replied on November 28, 2018 6:00 pm
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Hi Rachel,
I have been involved in the delivery of several LIMS implementation projects in the UK National Health Service over the last 10 years – mainly in tertiary care (Hospital Pathology departments).I have found that on average, a smooth implementation (where all the necessary resources are adequately provided)can take up to 2 years. It really depends on the size of the implementation, whether the underlying infrastructure can support the LIMS and how much “bells and Whistles” are being added to the core requirements.
In addition, I have found that public sector (government) deployments can be quite complicated and a lot more protracted than those commissioned in the private sector. This is mainly because of the rules around procurement, public sector accountability and the stringent requirements around commercial agreements with vendors. The procurement can take up almost half of the time it takes to build/configure and go-live with the LIMS.
Advances in technology such as Cloud-based LIMS (SaaS) certainly does help with speeding up the process but all in all it really depends on clarity from the beginning on what the users/client want, and clearly prioritizing their requirements.

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Posted by Mary Arinzé MBCS MIHM (Discussions: 0, Comments: 1)
Replied on December 14, 2018 9:45 am
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